Two easy pieces on EU politics

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Two very readable and enlightening pieces on Euro politics by respectively Melanie Philips and Janet Daley.

First, Melanie Philips, in Spinning the EU’s constitution-lite, dissects the political wrangling around the new EU constitution... errm, treaty...errm...?
The last vestige of doubt that this is the constitution by another name was destroyed by a leaked letter from Frau Merkel to the other EU heads of government, in which she revealed her plan ‘to use different terminology without changing the legal substance’ of the constitution in order to make ‘the necessary presentational changes’.

In other words, it was designed to deceive the European public — and to get round the awkward problem of another set of referendums that would undoubtedly be lost all over again. But the plain fact remains that if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck then it is… a constitution.
Read also the conclusion to this excellent piece.

Second, Janet Daley takes a closer look at the differences between EUro politicians and their American counterparts in Europe's leaders should copy Bush.
The president of the United States, whoever he may be, does not regard the principal function of his election as promoting him into membership of the club of world leaders who are free to deal with one another while holding their own populations in mild contempt.

The idea of conspiring against popular opinion in your own country, as EU leaders are now preparing to do over the European Treaty (otherwise known as the Resurrected Constitution), would be an act worthy of impeachment - in the unlikely event that any president even considered doing such a thing.

Unlike the elite political class of Europe, whose own electorates are mere springboards to the transnational stage, providing a ticket to the top table where the real decisions are made, America's chief executive is bound by the Constitution (which he actually takes seriously) into a solemn social contract with his own people.
Needless to say, that social contract has been exposed to some considerable erosion here in Euroland, as chronicled by the indefatigable Fjordman, n'est-ce pas?

Anyway, read them both, They're worth the small amount of time they will take for you to read them.

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