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Afghanistan: Suicide attack on Dutch patrol in Tarin Kowt kills 1 soldier, five Afghan children. Our heartfelt condolences go out to family and friends of Timo Smeehuijzen (NL), the 20-year old that gave his ultimate.

Self-imposed apartheid: Gay clubs, gay cinema, gay political parties, gay olympics and now: a gay TV channel.

Parliament member Barry Madlener wants Minister of Transportation Eurlings to study the dangers of a veil and burqa. "I have already heard from many people that they that almost been ran over by a woman with a veil."

Dutch Labour: 66% of Labour voters do not think the PvdA should support ex-muslims, because it would "repel too many people" (NL). However, a 'small minority of extremists' (32%) still think that Labour should "support anyone trying to emancipate".

Ecce homo. "L'Uomo del Mediterraneo", to be exact:
There is no point in denying it, the idea of a common Mediterranean identiy has been betrayed by centuries of history, of cruel wars, of tensions and fears. It is certainly true that today, every day, it is betrayed by the difficulty of spreading out equitably resources and opportunities to all the citizens of the Mediterranean.
Methinks a certain 800-pound gorilla is woefully being ignored here.

The EU Parliament bookshop sold copies of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, but distribution of an antidote to this vicious bit of antisemitism was refused by the faux parliament. EU Referendum is asking questions.

Ans speaking of the EU: Eurosceptics apparently are psychological terrorists.

Vaclav Klaus, allround hero: What is at risk is not the climate but freedom.

UK muslims rise up against their British oppressors. Hardly anyone notices. Elswhere the BBC apologizes for calling Jeruslaem Israels capital. No, really.

Syria preparing for war? (via Eye on the World)

And going out on a light note: National Lampoon’s 72 Virgins. With trailer.

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