If it is unreadable, it is not constitutional

Giuliano Amato was president of the 'Amato group'. This 16 head strong committee was responsible for redrafting the 'EU constitution' into the Turnip. And this is what he has to say about the Turnip:
They [EU leaders] decided that the document should be unreadable. If it is unreadable, it is not constitutional, that was the sort of perception.

Where they got this perception from is a mystery to me. In order to make our citizens happy, to produce a document that they will never understand!

But, there is some truth [in it]. Because if this is the kind of document that the IGC [intergovernmental conference] will produce, any Prime Minister – imagine the UK Prime Minister - can go to the Commons and say 'look, you see, it's absolutely unreadable, it's the typical Brussels treaty, nothing new, no need for a referendum.

Should you succeed in understanding it at first sight there might be some reason for a referendum, because it would mean that there is something new.


Nothing [will be] directly produced by the prime ministers because they feel safer with the unreadable thing. They can present it better in order to avoid dangerous referendums.
You can't have it any clearer than that, can you? We are deliberately confused with a footnoted maze of legaleze and EU-speak, so as not to notice we are signing away our sovereignty to the EU burocracy. And our politicians are willingly complicit in this deception to avoid 'dangerous' referenda.

Because it has to be a deception. One doesn't go through all the trouble of creating the most unreadable document in history, so as to avoid referenda in member countries, when the document promises only happy days and ice cream for all. We should change a well-known saying to something more contemporary, methinks: 'You have lies, you have big lies and then you have EU treaties'.

One wonders though: What good can come from something that requires this amount of deception for it to be acceptable?

[UPDATE001] EU Referendum also notes the story and has German MEP Elmar Bock admitting something we all know and fear:
Asked directly if the constitution was dead, he then replied: "I think we got the substance of the constitution," adding that "the European Union is ongoing creation … we keep that what is at this historical second possible and then we will see for further progress."

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