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Nicely in step with this blogs current pre-occupation Fjordman posted a new piece, succinctly titling it: Why the European Union Must Go. Starting with the hollowing out of democracy by the EU and the lack of accountability of EU institutions, moving onto the EUs attempts at 'regulating' free speech and coming to the intricate web of institutions that make up EUROMED, or as it is more commonly known: Eurabia, it is a well-argued indictment of the road that the EU is taking.
The European Union is by its advocates presented as an organization devoted to promoting "peace." The EU never had anything to do with peace; it was and is a naked power grab by European elites who have used it to wage a cultural and demographic war against the very peoples and nations they were supposed to represent. Their appeasement of Muslims not only constitutes a threat to the survival of Europe, which it certainly does, it has destabilized the situation far beyond the borders of Europe. The Euro-Arab cooperation thus represents a threat to world peace. And since this cooperation has become a deeply entrenched feature of the EU, this leads to only one possible conclusion: The European Union must be dismantled as soon as possible.
And don't miss the Post Scriptum of this piece!

[UPDATE001] In a shorter piece Fjordman tackles the death of the ninth commandment in modern Western society: A Culture of Lies.

[UPDATE002] Over at Gates of Vienna, Fjordman has some questions with regard to Sarkozy's apparent eagerness to reinforce ties with Lybia: France to give nuclear technology to Libya? Most worrying quote:
The president is leaving for the Maghreb today with the goal of defending one of his main diplomatic projects, the Mediterranean Union. He believes “the future of Europe and France is decided also, and perhaps first of all, in the Mediterranean”…
[UPDATE003] And back at Brussels Journal Fjordman tracks the collapse of Sweden in The Death of Sweden.
In a country where the tax rate is above 60%, higher than in almost any other country on the planet save perhaps North Korea – which incidentally also has almost as much free speech as Sweden – the natives are attacked on a daily basis by immigrant gangs, yet the state seems unwilling to do anything to stop this. Although Muslims openly brag about targeting Jews and Christians, this doesn't constitute a hate crime. But is does constitute racism and a hate crime if Muslims are not presented with halal sausages at all times or allowed to wear a burka wherever they want to.

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