Mice guarding the cheese

Captain Haddock of Something Fishy (thanks to points to a letter by the Conservative spokesman for defence and security in the European Parliament, Geoffrey Van Orden in the Daily Telegraph. The letter is on the presence of ethnic minorities in immigration related services in the UK. The direct cause of the discussion is the reprimand mr. Van Orden received after observing that...
...controls at our ports of entry were "beacons of political correctness". [The Home Secretary] replied that I had made a demeaning remark. I therefore asked the Home Office what proportion of its staff in the various immigration, identity and passport services were from ethnic minorities.
And this was the rather stunning answer:
Given that ethnic minorities are estimated to form about 6.7 per cent of our total population of working age, I was alarmed to receive the reply that, of those staff whose ethnicity was recorded, 29 per cent of the Immigration and Nationality Directorate, 30 per cent of the Immigration Service and 14 per cent of the Identity and Passport Service were from ethnic minorities.
A third of the Immigration and Nationality Directorate and the Immigration Service are in a position where they have to vet the applications of compatriots and kinsmen. Doesn't this strike anyone in the UK government as slightly odd? Conflict of interest, anyone?

Mind you, the UK is not alone in this. Just as an example, in the Netherlands we have a Commission for Equal Treatment (Commissie Gelijke Behandeling; CGB), an agency that arbitrates in situations where discrimination is aledged. The CGB is somewhat infamous for defending Muslims pupils rights not to shake hands with their teachers, for and for arbitrating against a college that wanted to fire a muslim teacher who came back after summer break wearing a full niqaab and shunning contact with males.

This is all too common multi-cult behavior. But where this story gets interesting is here: One of the members of the CGB is one Suhayb Salam. He is the son of Ahmed Salam, the imam famous for refusing to shake hands with then-minister Verdonk. Both of them appeared on a Dutch late night talk show because Salam senior was caught preaching tax evasion by muslims in the Netherlands. Paying taxes is supporting the kufr government of Holland and therefor haram, or some such. Salam junior was accompanying Salam senior as the latters translator. However, before participating in said program they set the condition that no alcoholic beverages be served (NL). It will surprise no one familiar with Dutch society that these demands were met instantly and without protest. But here's the kicker: The teacher returning from summer break a born-again muslim is Suhayb Salams fiancee (NL video).

Another rather infamous case handled by the CGB was the case of Mohammed Faizel Ali Enait. He was turned down for a job as Customer Relations Officer at the municipality of Rotterdam, because he refused to shake hands with women (are we spotting a trend here, or what?). He filed a complaint at the CGB and won, on the grounds that it is perfectly possible to 'show ones respect in alternative ways' (NL) to shaking hands. His reaction to the CGB verdict was as typical as it was illuminating:
The mono-cultural society got a silent funeral that day. A point of no return. It is important that Muslims occupy key positions and not wander about the dark outskirts of society.
'Muslims occupying key positions', as in the CGB, you mean? Furthermore, any bets that the sentiment that 'it is important that Muslims occupy key positions' does NOT play a role in the staffing of UK immigration services? Thought not... So, how's that check on importing jihadis working out, really?

[UPDATE001] And in a case of 'crazy isn't crazy enough': Eight Al Qaeda fanatics working for the police (but they don't dare sack them).
[M]any of the alleged jihadists have not been sacked because - it is claimed - police do not have the "legal power" to dismiss them.
I mean, really!

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