More on the Turnip

The Open Europe Blog , who've been tracking reactions around Europe with regard to The Turnip, have a nice side by side comparison of the old Constitution and the new 'amending treaty'. They also provide a good analysis of what the new powers of the EU will be, when (if?) the Turnip is ratified by all members of the EU. You can get the document here (pdf).

[UPDATE001] Slightly OT: Hadn't seen this before, but Elsevier (NL) is mentioning it, so it must be true. The EU released a video on YouTube (EURSOC: Ewww Tube), featuring the best in sex scenes in EU subsidized films (which should tell you all you need to know about the quality. Hollywood it most certainly is not). This vid, featuring, of course, a socially acceptable quotum of same-sex couples, was released onder the title "Let's come together" (Haha, the EU just ROCKS!!! doesn't it?).

Best commentary by UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom:
“I suppose this film is appropriate. The EU has been screwing Britain for the past 30 years.”
Not only Britain, mr. Bloom.

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