Open Europe: "The con is just stunning"

The Open Europe think tank have finished their analysis of the new draft treaty, aka the Turnip. Cynical bunch that they are, they still were surprised at their findings. In their press release today they have this to say about the Turnip (emphasis and link added - KV):
Responding to the publication of the new version of the European Constitution and the launch of the intergovernmental conference, Open Europe has produced the first English language translation of the new version of the Constitutional Treaty, and the first analysis of its contents - which suggests that it is almost exactly the same as the original European Constitution.

The analysis finds that only 10 out of 250 proposals in the new treaty are different from the proposals in the original EU Constitution. In other words, 96% of the text is the same as the rejected Constitution.


Open Europe Director Neil O’Brien said:

”We never expected that they would simply bring back all the text from the old constitution. All they seem to have done is renumber the articles. From this point forward it’s going to become absolutely impossible for Gordon Brown to resist a referendum, because this is exactly the same text that he promised a referendum on before.”


"The con they are trying to carry out here is just stunning. This is the cut-and-paste Constitution.”
Well, no surprises there, really. I mean, even the EU-rocrats from the inner circles are saying that. But it is good to have independent confirmation. But the real service that Open Europe provides us with is in giving the analysis and the text of the Turnip simultaneously, so anyone wishing to do so, can read and compare for themselves.

Comparisons to broken records be damned, I will say it again (and again): PM Jan Peter Balkenende is lying when he says this is not a constitution. State Secretary for European Affairs Frans Timmermans is lying when he says that the power of national parliaments is not curbed in favor of the EU commission. All members of the cabinet are lying when they say that in this new treaty the concerns of the Dutch, the reasons why they rejected the first installment were accounted for.

This is not a new treaty, this is the exact same thing as the monstrosity we voted off in 2005. If I may remind our PM of what he said that fateful night, two years ago:
The prime minister sais it was 'clear that the government will respect this outcome'. According to him 'The voters have given off a clear, unambiguous signal'. The prime minster will make it clear to his Euorpean partners that 'right must be done' by the Dutch no.
And here we are, two years on and what is left of 'doing right by the Dutch no' is a measly, underhanded lie and the exact same constitution. So much for 'respecting this outcome'. What's worse, the machinations this time are such that the Turnip probably will not be put to a referendum. Our government is now firmly entrenched in the EU burocracy. It has ceased to be *our* government.

At the end of the day there seems to be only one word for such a blatant disregard of your own electorate, of the people you VOWED ('zo waarlijk helpe mij God Almachtig'!!!) your loyalty and service to: It is betrayal, pure an simple.

The question now is: What can we, the people, do about it?

[UPDATE001] On a related note: Bet you didn't know this, but what is also in the treaty (as it was in the failed constitution) is EU taxes. That's right. If the Turnip comes into effect, the EU will have the legal means to raise taxes directly. Given that collecting taxes normally is a governments prviliedge, what does that tell you about the character of the Turnip? Or the ambitions of the EU, for that matter? One wonders why we haven't heard this tidbit from either Balkenende or Timmermans, or Barosso.

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