Planning an enclave

In Cologne, Germany, another plan for a mega-mosque is in the works. However, that is not all. As the plan for the mosque in Ehrenfeld, Cologne, is becoming more concrete it is also becoming more ... eehm... ambitious.

The Turkish-Islamic religious society Ditib is now planning an entire city block around the mosque (DE), where all functions are available. Thus it will not be necessary for 'religious' muslims to venture out into the infidel parts of teh city and the country.
Apart from a new Ditib headquarters,we are planning a bazaar with thirty shops, doctors, law offices, guest houses, banks, an apothecary, bakery, jewelers, hairdressers, restaurants, a kindergarten and a television studio.
German authorities fear that this is an attempt at de facto segregation. Cologne CDU leader Jörg Uckermann:
What is created here, is an Erhenfelder parallel centre, in which muslims will find everything to not have to integrate.
(h/t Nieuw Religieus Peil)

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