Watch out for Dutch police III

So what do you do, when you hear the screams of somebody being tortured to death inside a house? And what do you do when you are a Dutch cop, armed and with a colleague to cover your back?

Björn Jue was tortured to death by two sewer crawlers. The latter two got their inspiration from watching the film Hostel 2 (which I won't favor with a link), in which torture is portrayed in graphic detail. One of the despicable lowlifes was so exited by the scene that he wanted to imitate it. In the night of 15 - 16 June, he and a friend abducted the victim, tied him to a chair in the house of one of the perpetrators and started torturing the victim.

Neighbors, being woken by the screams of the victim, contacted the police immediately. Two cops arrived at the scene within 5 minutes of the call. Standing outside the house, they could hear Björn screaming in agony. The cops called for immediate back up and...

... stood around for 20-25 minutes (NL), waiting for back up to arrive. According to a witness:
The cops, visitors of a local pub, passers-by, the whole street was filled. Everyone heard the horrible cries, but nobody - not even the two cops - did anything.
By the time the backup had arrived, almost an half hour later, the cries had died down to a whimper. When finally the door was knocked down, the victim was found severely wounded. He died a little later from his injuries.

The Attorney General confirms the story, saying:
At that point in time a security assessment was made by the two police officers and they waited for a backup team. The backup had to come from Rotterdam. That took 20-25 minutes. Had the two officers intervened immediately Jue might have survived.
However, the Attorney General sees no reason to investigate the actions of the two officers in question.

I really can't think of any sensible comment on this story. Except maybe to say that this is the perfect example of Dutch society as well as Dutch authorities dramatically failing.

[UPDATE001] Several media are now saying that the two officers assessed the situation as being a hostage situation (NL). Dutch police SOP in such cases is to call for back up. To not endanger the lives of the officers and the hostages, cops are forbidden to enter the premises where the hostage situation occurs.

However, doesn't a hostage situation usually include a hostage being subdued and quiet, while hostage takers nervously look out the window? Witnesses to this horrific incident say that the agonizing screams were clearly audible on the street in front of the house. Moreover, it was those same screams that prompted the neighbors to alert the police. So why was the situation assessed as a hostage situation and specifically NOT a situation of someone in evident mortal distress? It stinks of the police trying to weasel themselves out of this tragic display of imcompetence and/or cowardice.

[UPDATE002] Elsevier (NL) says the actions of the officers involved will be investigated after all.

[UPDATE003] has the short, short version of the story.

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