Christians, Hellenes and Science (FF update)

The fact that science and the scientific method are predominantly a Western invention is often explained by the judeo-christian world view in the West. In this world view the starting hypothesis is a reliable and knowable God, who created a universe according to reliable and knowable laws. Careful experimentation allowed the scientist to figure out the inner workings of creation and promised a glimpse of the mind of God.

This explanation doesn't sit very well with some of the dedicated atheists. Their explanation reaches even further back and explains the emergence of the scientific method by referring back to teh ancients: Greeks and Roman.

In his latest Fjordman examines the question of who is to 'blame' for the invention of science: Could the Ancient Greeks Have Created the Scientific Revolution? And in doing so he finds clues as to what is Europes ailment:
Maybe belief in a higher purpose is necessary for the creation of true greatness. Achievements that outlast the lifespan of a single human being are generated out of respect for something greater than the individual. Many Europeans no longer experience themselves as part of a wider community with a past worth preserving and a future worth fighting for, which is arguably why they see no point in reproducing themselves. Europe in the past believed in itself, in its culture, its nations and above all its religion, and produced Michelangelo, Descartes and Newton. Europe now believes in virtually nothing, and produces virtually nothing. Maybe we can regain our talent and strength, but in order to do so we first need to regain our faith, not just religious faith, but faith in ourselves, our culture and our future.
If you have a little time to spare (it is quite long, even for Fjordman) I urge you to read it. Some good stuff to be had.

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