The Dutch Labor Party and Islam

An interesting essay over at about the PvdA (Dutch Labour party) and it's troublesome dealings with multiculturalism and islam.
"Islamic culture is so deeply entrenching itself in Dutch society, that in the long run one would speak of a land that is based on a Judeo-Christian-Islamic tradition," Ella Vogelaar, the Dutch Minister for Residence, Neighborhood and Immigration, told the Dutch daily newspaper Trouw. She claims that Islam will contribute to Dutch culture and society in a similar way as Jews and Christians have done in past centuries. "I want to help Muslims feel at home here, Islam and Muslims must take roots here." "Our society has been formed by Jewish-Christian traditions. These are our roots. Centuries ago, the Jewish community came to the Netherlands and now we can say: The Netherlands is a land formed by Judeo-Christian traditions. I can imagine we will see a similar process with Islam." According to the Minister of Integration, there is a "mutual process" in which cultures influence and stimulate each other.

Ella Vogelaar is a prominent member of the Dutch Labor Party [PvdA] and an outspoken leftist. She is also a feminist, and this is rather strange: How can a leftist feminist applaud a conservative religion like Islam which suppresses women? But there are new alliances between conservative Muslims and leftists. One of Vogelaar's more vocal critics is Nahed Selim, a female Muslim writer in the Netherlands who writes that multiculturalism has become the religion of the left. And Ayaan Hirsi Ali sees parallels between Islamic fundamentalism and the totalitarian temptation of Nazism. These two women know quite well what they are talking about.

Vogelaar's views on Islam reflect a dominant trend within the Labor Party to accomodate Islam and Islamic militancy. Wouter Bos, the Dutch Labor Party leader and Finance Minister, recently indicated that a ban on Islamic banking would be counterproductive. Instead, the Netherlands should evolve into center for Islamic banking and finance, like Dubai and London, he said. This kind of banking is based on the strict Islamic "Sharia" law and very popular among Islamic militants and terrorists from the Middle East, Pakistan and Europe. Most Pakistani immigrants in Spain and Britain use this system and some of these immigrants were linked to terrorist and criminal networks. Sharia banking and "Halal [=ritually pure] financing" is quickly making inroads into European societies. Islamic law and the Koran stictly forbid the giving or receiving of interest, so here is where the advocates of Islamic banking step in.

Both Vogelaar and Bos should be aware of the fact that Islam does not recognize the principle of separation between Church [Mosque] and State, or the separation between religion and politics. For the sake of the ideology of multiculturalism, the Dutch Labor Party is now in danger of renouncing its own principles.

This is of course nothing new, but the article provides a good overview of the heading the PvdA has taken. And put together in a single file like this, the pre-emptive surrender to islam by de PvdA (and other parties in the Netherlands) is actually quite shocking.

(h/t Ayaan Hirsi Ali blog)

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