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Classic Fjordman over at Gates of Vienna. In an excellent new piece entitled The EU and the Globalist Alliance, Fjordman argues that democracy, touted as THE guiding principle of modern Western Civilization, has become deeply corrupted in the West.

For democracy to function there has to be a demos, or a relatively well defined group of people, usually living inside the borders of a nation state, with a shared set of interests and identity. Attempts at destroying identity to rid us of the demos take many forms: from deliberate mass-migration to education of an extreme form of relativism. Curiously, while the destruction of identity was typical of Marxism and Communism (Stalin has earned some notoriety for his attempts at destroying all soviet nationalities), Fjordman argues that the current attempt is perpetrated by the most unlikely alliance of this age: Global industry and the left, or in Fjordmans terms: Socialists and the super rich.

For a functioning democracy the ruling members of the demos must be assumed to be loyal to their demos, representing it's interests to the best of their ability. However, in modern Europe the ruling classes have all signed up to the 'ideals' of the EU. They no longer represent the interests of their voters, they defend the interests of the EU political project. Thus, whomever we vote for in national elections, we will always get rulers that care little for the nation, since they are thoroughly entrenched in EU institutions.

Oh, and BTW: Don't think the US is exempt from this development. Fjordman argues that similar processes are going on the other side of the big pond as well.

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