Half the Dutch see islam as a threat

Following the furore around the op-ed by Geert Wilders, a poll revealed that many Dutch believe an outright ban is not called for. But that doesn't mean the Dutch are fond of islam (NL) either:
Three-quarters of those polled don't like the idea of a ban on the Quran, as was argued for by Geert Wilders in a letter in the Volkskrant. One-fifth agrees with the member of Parliament.

The controversial letter should never have been written, according to almost one in three people. They also think Wilders should be prosecuted for his statements

A vast majority of 68 percent concludes that there are still too many taboos around the islamic faith in the Netherlands. According to them there is too little open debate about this subject.

More then half - 51 percent - finds islam a threat to the Netherlands. Only 13 percent calls the religion of more then a million compatriots an enrichment of the [Dutch] culture.
So, around 75% of the Dutch think a a ban is out of order, but still 20% think a ban is a good idea.

While less then 30% procent feel the op-ed should never have been written, around 60% of te Dutch (depending on the percentage of 'don't knows') think Wilders was perfectly within his right to publish his piece. And teh same 60% (give or take) do NOT think Wilders deserves to be prosecuted.

That must come as a blow to Integration Minister Ella Vogelaar, she of the 'judeo-christian-islamic tradition' in the Netherlands, and her utopian views on the acceptance of islam in the Netherlands.

The poll results point out that the Dutch know perfectly well in which way the wind is blowing: Half of them see islam as a threat, only a tiny minority sees islam as enriching the Netherlands, but 68% of the Dutch feel they are not allowed to express their views openly because of 'taboos'.

Almost 70% of the Dutch do not feel free enough to openly air their opinions on islam. In a purportedly free country as the Netherlands still likes to think it is, that is a most depressing statistic...

[UPDATE001] Snouck comments. I hope he's right.

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