Just when you think...

... it can't get any more ridiculous, it gets more ridiculous. With respect to the pre-emptively surrendering of the Dutch to islam, I mean.

The Catholic church in the Netherlands has gained a reputation of being a bit overly accomodating to the members of the flock of the Religion of Peace (tm). In the recent past we has cardinal Simonis saying he thought a muslim would be higher placed in heaven then even the dear cardinal because 'They have a lofty idea of their faith. Their solidarity is great. They see the dilution and decadence among christians'.

This awful dilution was given new momentum yesterday, with monseigneur Muskens, Bishop of Breda, suggesting we all replace te word 'God' with the word 'Allah'. Elsevier article in NL is here, EN reporting by Esther of Islam in Europe.

The bishops statements are couched in the oh so annoyingly 'inclusive', 'why-can't-we-all-just-get-along' type language. He even relates the story that when he was a missionary in Indonesia, everyone, including christians, referred to the Supreme Being as Allah. But when you look past the 'tolerant', 'inclusive' drivel, the truth is plain and simple: The bishop is advocating pre-emptive surrender, much like Integration minister Ella Vogelaar before him, and Bart Robbers before her. The bishop is asking us to adopt for our Dear Father in Heaven the name of the deity that inspired Mohammed Bouyeri to murder Theo van Gogh.

'Thou shalt not kill', is something we should get passed, apparently. As much as we should get passed the 'Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain', a commandment that was surely broken when Bouyeri claimed he had murdered van Gogh to win brownie points with Allah.

The dear bishop is wrong, of course. The word 'Allah' is not a generic term in Arabic for god. The generic word for 'god' in Arabic is 'ilah'. The word 'Allah' is the name of the particular 'ilah' that muslims pray to. It is even evident from the muslim credo, the Shahada. The first part of the shahada is:
la ilaha illa'Allah
Meaning: 'There is no god, but Allah'. The statement that Allah is just another word for god is hence patently false. It is a cunning bit of taqeeya to create the illusion that all 'abrahamic faiths' basically worship the same god.

The Christian God, being as it is the Judean God, already has a name. In the original Hebrew, His name is rendered 'YHWH' or 'Yahweh', literally meaning 'I am'.

If the dear bishop were sincere in his inclusiveness, I would expect him to suggest that everyone shed the use of the name of their deity of choice and instead use the truely generic term 'God'. Since he didn't I can only speculate as to the real motives behind his puzzling statements. But he his wrong, dead(ly) wrong.

[UPDATE001] On a related note: Sir HM of Reconquista let me know he's put a post up, that is of particular interest to the Dutch readership. Frankly, it is of interest to anyone following the Wilders fracas from last week: As recent as 1992, the Dutch authorities saw no compunction banning a book they deemed dangerous to 'social cohesion'. We are talking of Mohammed Rasoels ''De Ondergang van Nederland" (The Downfall of the Netherlands). A book by a muslim describing the seemingly bottomless naivité with which the Dutch approach islam and muslims. Links to the English text and the Dutch original text of the book can be found on the Resources page.

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