The new fascists? (FF update)

There's a quote attributed to Winston Churchill to the effect that he expected the next time the fascism will rear it's ugly head it'll be in the guise of antifascism. How uncomfortably true that quote is (even if it is apocryphal) is borne out by Fjordmans latest: How the West Lost the Cold War. Taking the Scandinavian anti-fascists in general and the Swedish sovcialists in particular as an example, Fjordman details the similarities and close ties that have existed and still exist between the totalitarian movements of the world. Even if in todays political reality some of these are perceived to be diametrically opposed. Some very thought-provoking stuff to be had there.

And timely as well, as the plot surrounding the planned September 11 demonstration in Brussels thicken. Details are here, here and here. Fjordmans response is here. The discussion on the comments of these links are also well worth the attention you can afford.

[INSTANT UPDATE] And just to cement the perception that socialism is just a thuggish totalitarianism that will seek like company: Fred Thielemans, Brussels mayor and staunch socialist, forbids the SIOE demo, but allows tha counter demo: Pro-Hezbollah Group Will Demonstrate in Brussels on 9/11.

How the West Lost the Cold War
Democracy and the Media Bias
Sweden: Collaboration, Then and Now
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The Death of Sweden
France to give nuclear technology to Libya?
A Culture of Lies
Why the European Union Must Go
Muslim Violence
Europeans Have to Stop Talking. They Have to Act

More Fjorman Files here.

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