New Fjordman

This weekend saw the publication of a couple of new FF. First, there's a short note on collaboration between Swedish social-democrats and the DDR 'security' service StaSi: Sweden: Collaboration, Then and Now.

And writing outside his usual circle of blogs Fjorman published an essay on the Democracy Reform blog. In this essay Fjordman goes deeper into the relation between the media and press and democracy in the Western world: The role it should be playing as the guardian of democracy, and the role it *is* playing as the agitator against it: Democracy and the Media Bias.

Democracy and the Media Bias
Sweden: Collaboration, Then and Now
The West in the 21st Century — Developed or Developing Nations?
Going Gentle Into That Good Night
The EU and the Globalist Alliance
The Death of Sweden
France to give nuclear technology to Libya?
A Culture of Lies
Why the European Union Must Go
Muslim Violence
Europeans Have to Stop Talking. They Have to Act
A New Balance Between Rome and Jerusalem

More Fjorman Files here.

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