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If you have any doubt that the new treaty-to-be, known on this blog as The Turnip, is anything other then a naked power grab by the EU-ro elite, you should read this post on EU Referendum.

The EU-rocrats have finally come around to publishing the English language version of the "amending treaty" and EU Referendum is taking a closer look. Specifically to Article 9, which carries the real venom of the Turnip.
The key change, though, is the addition of the European Council. The significance of this, we have rehearsed in detail but certain elements bear repetition.

In short, the heads of states and governments of the member states, who comprise the European Council, cease to represent their own member state interests and become absorbed into a tier of the EU government, bound by its laws and obliged to further the aims and objectives of the Union.

This is actually set out in the first part of the paragraph, which states that it (and the rest of the government) "shall aim to promote its (the Union's) values, advance its objectives, serve its interests, those of its citizens and those of the Member States…".

It is no coincidence that that, in the pecking order, the Union comes first, the "citizens" second and the member states third and last. That states the priorities and the order of preference. By this means, our heads of states and governments become subservient to the European Union.
As the title says: Read it all. And spread the word! As we quoted Open Europe last week: "The con is just stunning".

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