For Lagonda has returned. And she's back bearing gifts.

First there's a new piece (NL), in which she contemplates the cultural, political and economical 'superiority' of the decidedly multicultural PvdA (Labour) and its leading 'lights'.
The dark associations that the PvdA conjures up in me are usually transient in nature, but the last weeks the actions of this party have been so beyond the pale that my regular thinking is on the verge of being overwhelmed with the filth that the PvdA manages to dredge up from the sewers of my Id. Hence, time for a little catharsis. Are you coming down with me?
You really have to read the whole thing. It's an hilarious and devastating blow to the credibility of the PvdA. It puts into the glaring light of day the inconsistency between word and action that seems to define the PvdA these days. It's all in NL, but I have to share this description of the current leader of the PvdA (and minister of finance in the current cabinet):
Thinking of the PvdA, my thoughts turn to sissy-homo Wouter Bos, who, cute butt and all, is increasingly finding out what a wet fart he really is. That awful realisation seems to take ever more definitive form in Wouters little head, and I could devote an entire column to the annoyed cramphead he has acquired. With every critical question being served up, you see the hellish pains he suffers, the powerless indignation shooting from his eyes --- like a high school junior who has to look on as his bookcase is thrown onto the roof of the bicycle shed. Sighing and smiling scornfully, Wouter looks at the ground, imagines himself spitting on the shoes of his interviewer and curls his lips ever tighter downwards. You can almost *hear* him think: 'Why do I have to explain this? Why isn't this just accepted, on account of how great I am? Why doesn't my intelligence automatically command authority? I used to be the brighest boy in class, wasn't I? Where did it all go wrong? I wish I were dead!'.
Like I said, the whole thing is in NL, but if you have some patience then maybe...

Because Lagonda has decided to translate selected posts into EN and post them on a dedicated blog: Lagonda in English. This is one to bookmark. Lagondas analysis is sound, her observations witty and sharp, with the occasional little drop of poison. But there always is an uncomfortable undercurrent of sincere grief for what we Dutch have already lost, what we are about to lose and the way we are looking on without lifting a finger to save anything of value. Do yourself a favour and head over to take a looksee. You will like what you find there, I promise.

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