The day the EU showed it's face

The basic facts surrounding the SIOE demostration in Brussels last Tuesday have been widely reported around the blogosphere (and widely unreported in the MSM). A wide variety of eye witness reports are popping up all over the place; see Ferdy's post. Operatives acting on behalf of KV were also at the demo and their adventures will be published later (UPDATE: See here).

They all (the dry facts and the witness reports) express the same sentiment, describe the same troubling aspects of voicing dissenting or contrarian opinions in the EU these days. While the demo itself was small and did not garner a lot of attention outside of the 'conservative' blogosphere , something underneath has shifted fundamentally. What that is, is expressed in a sober but deeply saddening post by Paul Weston at Gates of Vienna.
I cannot make this point strongly enough: A legitimate movement with a legitimate grievance was illegitimately but legally banned by a politically motivated mayor and a politically motivated court, after which black clad, politicised state enforcers, armed with batons and dogs, arrested and dispersed legitimate demonstrators because they held a differing political viewpoint.

This was the story that our lazy, ineffectual MSM missed yesterday. Equipped with helicopters, cameras, satellite feeds, reporters and a vast network of contacts they missed the emergence of a totalitarian Europe. And make no mistake about it, the events leading up to, and during, yesterday, were just that. On September 11th 2007 Europe became a totalitarian dictatorship.
And if you think that may be overstating the case a tad, just look at the photo of Filip de Winter being worked to the ground by a lad in a tan brown jacket with a red armband. What memories does that jog?

It has been argued again and again that Belgium is not Europe. It isn't. But it is safe to say, together with mr. Belien from Brussels Journal, that Belgium in general, and Brussels in particular, is the EU. Mayor Thielemans is of the exact same stripe as the majority of our EU overlords, as evidenced by the decidedly anti-democratic, pro-islamist utterings of Secretary
General of the Council of Europe Terry Davis

What happened last Tuesday is not a Belgian reaction, nor a Brusselian reaction to dissenting voices. It was a EU-rocrat reaction. The reason the demo was banned to begin with, the reason the opinions of the demonstrators are deemed illegal, is predicated on the EU 'law' concerning xenophobia and racism that unfairly favors islam above all other world views. What transpired in Brussels, the self-declared capital of the EUnion, is the EU showing it's true face. And if you think this is unacceptable, just wait until the Turnip is ratified. You ain't seen nothing yet, one fears.

But all is not despair. Going through the options that are left to freedom loving European citizens, Paul Weston ends on a defiant note:
We didn ’t start this, but by sheer weight of numbers we can finish it. As of yesterday, European politics was bought down to the level of the Reds vs. theBrownshirts. There are no Brownshirts as yet, but there are potentially millions of us. Standing in our way are a few thousand socialists, who, not known for their bravery, will become even fewer when they realise what they have unleashed against themselves.

Do these socialist lunatics have any idea of our violent history? They appear to betting that we will not fight for territory, religion or culture. On this they are possibly right, but we will, surely, fight for our children. The idea that a continent of half a billion people will allow a handful of Communistmanqués , in alliance with a very small minority (today) of bearded Nazis, to dictatorially browbeat us into submission, when we have the unarguable knowledge that our failure to retaliate will wreak destruction upon our children and grandchildren is simply too fantastical to possibly be true.

Isn’t it?
One would hope so, mr. Weston. One most sincerely would hope so.

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