Brussels is a time bomb

Well, we know that by now, don't we? But this is not what you'd expect (or maybe you do).

Dutch writer and arabist Arthur van Amerongen is about to release his next book: Brussels Eurabia. For this book he went undercover in the Muslim community of Molenbeek and Marolles for a year. And came back with some worrying observations.

In an interview with Brussels TV he warns that an islamist attack in Brussels is only a question of time.
[T]he Moroccans with their beards, their half pants and their bare feet in their shoes… no, it is a very dangerous community. It’s a time bomb.


They want a Caliphate; quite simply they want a government that directs the Umma from Baghdad to England. It’s what they want.
Video is here (in NL with F subtitles). An EN transcript can be found here. It's instructive, even if a little disheartening. Some more background on both writer and book can be found here.

(Thanks to Wishbone. H/T Gates of Vienna for the EN transcript)

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