Coming Friday is make or break

Next Friday will see the decision of the present Balkenende cabinet on whether to hold a referendum on ratification of the new EU Reform Treaty (aka the Turnip). According to EU Observer (reproduced on page two of KV):
In a meeting on Friday (14 September), the Dutch cabinet decided to postpone the tricky decision by one week after discussing a key report by the Council of State, the Dutch government's highest advisory body.

The Council of State last week said in an opinion that there is no legal requirement for a referendum since the new EU treaty does not include "constitutional" elements.

(...)Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad writes that the government's failure to take a decision on Friday points to internal divisions in the cabinet.(...)Labour ministers are reportedly under strong pressure from their party's parliamentary faction to back a referendum, with Labour's parliamentary leader Jacques Tichelaar publicly promoting the idea.(...) NRC Handelsblad writes that Labour could be convinced to drop its calls for a referendum if it gets concessions on other hot Dutch political issues - such as lay-off rules and the Dutch military mission in Afghanistan.
That last bit is enough to send one round the bend in a murderous rage. Is it really unfair for me to say it is typical of your average socialist to merchandize issues of fundamental freedom and sovereignty for a few cheap political points?

I don't know how to make it any clearer then I've already tried to (NL). If the cabinet decides on Friday a referendum will not be necessary, and if this is not followed by an armed uprising, we will have signed away any and all say in matters that are usually decided in a real democracy. Immigration, social welfare, taxes and freedom of thought, everything will be in the hands of the EU-rocrats.

No matter how many Geert Wilders' or Rita Verdonks we will vote for, that 1 million extra immigrants from peaceful and advanced states in the 'European Neighbourhood Policy' will be let in and take up their room in an increasingly tight real estate and social welfare market. Because multi-culturalism rules, you see. And do not dare say or think anything that runs counter to accepted EU doctrine. Ve haf vays to deal with your sort.

Yes, we'll still be able to vote for a parliament every four years or so. But really, what will be the point, when the powers that matter are in the hands of the EUnion and it's institutions? We will be left with a toy parliament, a democratic pacifier that just barely hides the fact that we will have become a burocracy. Or, as Giorgio Napolitano likes to call it: a "post-democracy".

But any which way you want to call it, it will be something decidedly less then a democracy. Or rather, something decidedly worse.

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