Committee of ex-muslims supported by Association of Imams

As unexpected as the title of this post may seem, it is true! In the Netherlands two ex-muslims, Peyman Jafari en Benham Taebi, are about to start their own committee of ex-muslims (NL). Not only will this committee have it's official presentation in the El Oumma mosque in Amsterdam, also to attend are the president of Vereniging van Imams (Association of Imams) and representatives of the Unie van Marokkaanse Moskee├źn in Amsterdam (Union of Moroccan Mosques in Amsterdam).

If you think that this sounds too good to be true, you'd be right about the first part and wrong about the second: It is true. It is also too good. This particular committee was started in reaction to the formation of the Dutch Committe for Ex-muslims, led by Ehsan Jami.

The founders of this new committee present themselves as acceptable alternatives for the bien-pensant, multicult elite in the Netherlands. But something is rotten. Both Jafari and Taebi have strong ties to the International Socialists, a club known for its support to Hamas, Hizbollah and the Taliban. So how ex-muslim is this committee anyway, one wonders. Judging from the guest list and the planned venue of the presentation, the 'ex-muslims' Jafari and Taebi may not be so 'ex' as they claim to be.

You can read the whole story (in EN) over at Gates of Vienna.

[UPDATE001] The whole thing was a hoax! A childish bit of attention whoring for a press conference that tried to present islam as the Religion of Peace, Love and Understanding. I'll let Pamela Hemelrijk (NL) do the talking:
The big news is: Jafari and Taebi will not start an alternative for ex-muslims wanting nothing to do with Ehsan Jami. It was but a little bait, apparently. No, the press conference from this morning was called just to imprint on us that islam is reasonably tolerant of apostates. "We are living proof", headteachered Jafari to the shoelessly gathered press in the El Oumma mosque.


Jafari swore to us that he and his pal Taebi stood for reason, dialogue and tolerance, and that they squarely rejected any violence. Unfortunately he didn't share that he was the one that mobilized a posse of 150 International Socialists to beat Michiel Smit out of the Diamant neighborhood.


The board of the mosque would not answer my question how it is possible that apostates like Jafari and Raebi are welcome in the El Oumma, while only a short while ago a devout muslima was barred from entering because she was not rigid enough in the teachings. This is about one Um Sadjaad, that taught a class in the mosque "where everyone is welcome, irrespective of appearance or background. Interested non-muslim are also very welcome." (This moderate attitude apparently didn't earn her many thanks, because this was the third time she'd been thrown out of a mosque). If such a small thing is enough to get yourself thrown out of mosque, I asked, how is it possible that Jafari and Taebi are allowed to preach their apostacy so openly?

But the leaders of the mosque didn't want to go into "individual cases". They hoped I would understand that. Everyone accepted this answer. Next question!

Anyway, for me it is as clear as daylight: fundamentalist islam has entered a monster alliance with the International Socialists, radical SP members and ultra-left GroenLinks members, to join forces in a charm offensive on behalve of the muzelmen. Forget the muslim girls that have been assaulted or murdered by their father or brother for going steady with a Dutch boy. Forget the apostate muslim girls hiding away in women-shelters in fear of honour revenge. Islam is all about tolerance for apostate muslims. As long is they're extemely leftist, and apply themselves with heart and soul to the cause of violent islamo-fundamentalism.
(Thanks to Wishbone)

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