Did Israel strike Iranian nuke facilities?

Last week it was initially reported that Israeli jets had entered briefly Syrian airspace and that Syria filed a protest at the UN. Neither Syria nor Israel explained the incident. Then an undisclosed American government source claimed that Israel had bombed Iranian weapons. Now Ynet reports that Israel bombed an Iranian missile site. But the left wing NYT reports that Israel has bombed nuclear installations in northern Syria supplied by North Korea who also supplies Iran. The North Korean now say they support the self defense of Syria...

Update: But these developments are not just a direct threat to Israeli, an North Korean Taepodong-1 missile has a maximum reach of 2900 km and thus can easily reach targets in Europe when fired from an northern Syrian missile base.

Update(2): FormerSpook blog has two a well argued cases for what the Israelis might have bombed in Syria.

Update(3): Times has more details on the raid in Syria: "There is no doubt, however, that North Korea is accused of nuclear cooperation with Syria, helped by AQ Khan’s network.". Also the Chinese could be involved, the Washington times cites just declassified intelligence that shows their involvement in Algeria and Pakistan. Coincidentaly the Chinese have now postponed the nuclear talks about North Korea.

Update(4): Former Spook has new details.

To be continued...

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