Finally they are out!

Wij vertrouwen stem computers nietNo more voting computers for The Netherlands. Well at least that was the advice of a special governmental commission reviewing the Dutch voting process.. The under Minister has announced she does not plan to use them any more (although this is not a definite ban).

This is good news, because the Dutch voting computers are black boxes that make the voting process unverifiable (there is no paper trail) and that is just unacceptable for a country that want to be called a democracy.

Many cudo’s go to the Dutch action committee of Rop Gongrijp: “Wij vertrouwen stemcomputers niet” (English: “We don’t trust voting computers”). It was his group who gave much publicity to the fact that the Dutch voting computers don’t belong in a decent organized Democracy. Because of their law suites against the state, thinks seem to come in motion. Thanks guys!

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