If you are Dutch

Michiel Mans, rather well known locally for his pieces on Het Vrije Volk and Nekklachten, has a post up on Gates of Vienna: The Madness of King George.
If you’re Dutch, you have a socialist Minister, Ella Vogelaar, who wants the Netherlands to acquire a Judeo-Christian-Islamic tradition over time. As a Dutch person, you have an ex-Minister and runner up for PvdA (socialist) party leader who publicly stated recently “to be glad of the coming of Islam in Holland”. The same man, Jan Pronk, negotiated with the Sudanese government on behalf of the UN about Darfur. He got nowhere. The mass murder and rape continued. Pronk continues to call for dialogue with Khartoum and will continue to do so until the last black Darfurian is murdered and robbed.

If you’re Dutch, you have a spineless wimp for a prime minister who, when his lack of leadership becomes plainly visible again, embarrasses the Dutch by yelling in despair remarks about our spirit during the seventeenth century, the Dutch Golden Age.
There is more of the insanity us Euro-burgers of Dutch descent have to deal with. Read it all.

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