The importance of a referendum

With the IGC nearing it's end, it is quite surprising, and a little unsettling, to witness the total absence of debate on issues EU, constitution or referendum in the Netherlands. Even as this week saw the inadvertant publication of EU documents in which the Turnip was referred to by its fathers name: The Constitutional Treaty.

As a modest contribution to the argument why a new Dutch referendum on this 'amending treaty' is in order, indeed is of paramount importance if we Dutch want to hold on to our own 430 plus years of history a little while longer, I've done something I don't usually do: Write in my mother tongue.

It is a longish post entitled: Dat referendum moet er gewoon komen. Regular readers of this blog (as will dedicated readers of EU Referendum) will find themselves on very familiar ground. Nevertheless I thought a post, in Dutch, bringing the whole saga of the Turnip together, might serve a purpose in creating awareness (as the present-day activist vernacular goes) about what we are facing.

I personally think this is the most accute issue threatening the sovereignty and independence of my home land yet. If the Turnip ever comes into effect we will de facto (if not de jure) cease to be an independent nation. We will have lost every means available to the common man in a truly democratic society to influence and personally help shape the way our little corner of the world is run. This is a choice for freedom, or against it.

Read the post. And if you like it, agree with it, think it important enough: pass it on to those that may also be interested. The greater the number of people that know about this, the greater the chance we will be able to force having a say in the matter. We deserve a say in the matter, but it'll be up to us to assert that right. So the question is: How much do you care?

[INSTANT UPDATE] And if you don't believe me (and why should you?), head on over to De Zwijger Spreekt. Coming from a different side of the political spectrum, he's making the same argument I am.

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