The insanity continues

Kings, Queens, besides absolute power they are said to be the symbols of nationhood. But what if a future queen does says there is no nation? That we do not have a national identity?

Well that’s an interesting question that came to my mind when today future queen Maxima, who is heading a governmental advice commission on multicultural affairs, presented the new WRR report (see earlier posting). In her presentation she, a immigrant from Argentina herself, told us that she had searched for the Dutch identity:

“I was helped by experts. But the Dutch identity I could not find. “

“The Netherlands is, [houses with] big windows without curtains, so everybody can directly look inside. But also preferring privacy and coziness. The Netherlands is one cookie beside the coffee. But also enormous hospitality and warmth. Thus the Netherlands is much to diverse to catch in one cliché. The Dutchman does not exist. To comfort you, I can tell you that ‘the Argentinean’ does also not exists either.”

The insanity continues...

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