Keep an eye on Belgium

The last of the artificial states is experiencing its worst crisis yet. There is a now real risk of Belgium falling apart. What will happen is anybody's guess, although the most popular theory seems to be the one where francophone Wallonia is annexed by France, Flanders will either become independent or will go into a confederation with the Netherlands and the district of Brussels hoding on to life as an independent city state housing the European Unions 'post-democratic' government.

Belgium is a popular model for those for and against an EU 'supra-national state'. And as such, what is happening in Belgium is of interest to anyone with a passing interest into the large scale application of artificial state principles, like the EU.

However, apart from the countries directly involved (Belgium, the Netherlands and France) there is scant media attention for the collapse of a modern western state. So if you are interested in a model of coerced co-operation going sour keep an eye on Belgium. And on Brussels Journal. they are on top of this story.

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