Let more of them in

In the framework of that blasted EuroMed initiative, the Union has devised a 'European Neighbourhood Policy'. Ostensibly a 12 billion euro program to boost trade and bring peace to all, EU Observer notes:
The European Neighbourhood Policy, tailored to create a ring of peaceful and economically advanced states around the EU's borders, covers 16 countries – Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Egypt, Georgia, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Moldova, Morocco, the Palestinian Authority, Syria, Tunisia and Ukraine.
Yes... Read that list again, contrasting the associations with names like 'Libya' or 'Syria' or the 'Palestinian Aothority' with terms like 'peaceful' and 'advanced'.

But never mind, the Union thinks it has a great idea and we will all reap the benefits.
Speaking to Germany's Die Welt newspaper, Ms Ferrero-Waldner said the EU is planning to make it easer for migrants to get work in the EU for a set period and based on need in different member states.

"The aim of this strategy is to curb illegal immigration, boost legal migration and possibly also to counteract the lack of labour in certain economic sectors in the EU," said the commissioner.
That would be migrants from the peaceful and advanced states listed above.

How that might (and probably will) work out is illustrated rather painfully by an item shot in 'Little Morocco' in Brussels by Deutsche Welle TV (via Hot Air and Brussels Journal).

The total lack of respect for customs and laws of and hostility to the host country is not what you'd expect from immigrants. Rather, it is more what you'd expect from a band of colonizers. Do we really want to let in even more people with such a mentality? Is that wise?

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