Lying through their teeth - part III

This comes to us by way of EU Referendum. El Presidente gave a speech at the UK Lib-Dem party conference. In which he stated that "Europe is not full of hidden plots."

As mr. North rightly observes:
What he means is the "European Union", but he is right about one thing – the "plots" are not hidden. For those who care to look, they are in plain sight.
Mr. Barosso goes through his usual repertoir of EUnion lullabies, but all's not well, is it?
"We collectively need to demonstrate more concretely the benefits that membership of the European Union brings," he says, adding "…there's more to Europe than late night horse trading ... we are tackling the issues that matter to Europe's citizens."

Yet the things that matter to "citizens" is this country are immigration, inflation, housing, traffic, and overweening government, defence and security … issues that the EU either does not deal with or makes inestimably worse.
And just how worse the EUnion is capable of making things is detailed in a couple of posts at the same site, detailing how the EU is setting us up for some potentially serious food shortages (see here and here).

Which leads to the inevitable, somewhat harsh, but deserved conclusion.
The problem is that everything Barroso says is dishonest – lies ooze out of the fabric of his very being, so much so that there is nothing to distinguish between the man and the lie. They are one and the same.(...)

Like all of his ilk, though, Barroso, by the term "we" means the ruling élites. The people are just there to do as they are told, and absorb the daily diet of lies that the élites deign to hand down.
As we observed before on this blog: What good can come from something that requires this amount of deception for it to be acceptable? Read it all to get the full flavor of this lie-become-flesh.

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