Modern times, I guess

With the crisis in Belgium looming large, not only in Belgium but in the halls of power of the EUnion as well, somebody has done exactly the thing that one does when wanting to get rid of something unwanted, this day and age.

An individual using the monicker 'dekaesstecker' has put Belgium up for sale on Ebay.
Kingdom in several (3) parts, can be bought as a whole ( not recommended), can be bought in parts.
Starting at 1.00 euro, the price now stands at 10 million euros. But read what is included in the package. Although the buyer must
[b]eware there is a 300 billion of National Debt which has still to be devided under the three
one gets the king and his court as a free premium (costs not included) and delivery is free.

In the mean time, Brussels Journal thinks a completely different solution to the Belgian crisis is in order.

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