The New Faces of Jihad (2)

What to think of the latest Dutch headlines: "Axe killing revenge for Dutch Iraq Mission".

On Saturday 8 September the American Carlos Hartmann (41) murdered Thijs Geers (22) with an axe in a railway station. Carlos it is reported has declared he was on a mission to punish The Netherlands for their support of the Iraq war. He had planned to attack Dutch commando's in the city of Roosendaal, but after a day and night staking out their location he gave up and decided that any Dutch government official would do. In the end, he just killed the innocent student Thijs Geers who happened to be waiting for the same train.

Carlos Hartmann is a former U.S. military, but his family declares he had no war trauma and did not serve in Iraq. "He has worked for the air force but he quite him self". The family says he already was "a troubled young man" who had the wrong friends. He hates the American government and is an opponent of the war in Iraq they say.

In 2002, the year anti Islam politician Pim Fortuyn was assassinated by an left wing terrorist, Carlos came to The Netherlands. Here he radicalized further and went on his terrorist mission (The Dutch left is currently seething over the mere Dutch 'political' support for the U.S. led Iraq invasion).

This is just an other example of the left-Islam converge.

Breitbart - Disturbed anti-war protester can't find soldier, kills civilian with axe instead
Expatica - Axe attack revenge for troops

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