The new Faces of Jihad

German Islamic terrorist Fritz GelowiczGerman Islamic terrorist Fritz Gelowicz
Fritz Gelowicz

These are the pictures of the arrested native German Jihad warrior Fritz Gelowicz (28). He was born in the German town of München (1 September 1979). But he now calls him self Fritz Abdullah and is ready to bomb his own country in the name of Allah. He comes from a well to do family. His father is an engineer and his mother a doctor. At age five the family moved from München to Ulm (Baden-Württemberg). When he is age 15 his parents divorce and in the multicultural Ulm he comes in contact with Islam. On age 18 he converted to Islam and soon he was a well known radical. German authorities even linked him to Mohammed Atta one of the 9/11 terrorists. In 2005 he was arrested and released again for starting a criminal organization and in 2006 he went to a terrorist training camp in Pakistan. When he came back he married a Turkish girl, who only shows her self outside in a Burqa. More here (German).

German Islamic terrorist Daniel Martin SchneiderGerman Islamic terrorist Daniel Martin Schneider
Daniel Martin Schneider

This is the other 100% German terrorist who was ready to bomb his fatherland in the name of Allah. He was born as Daniel Martin Schneider on 9 September 1985 in the city of Neunkirchen (Saarland). This seemingly intelligent young man went to gymnasium high school and converted only three years ago to the religion of peace. He directly started to study the Koran in Egypt and later, after his brief military service, he went on terror training in Pakistan. More here (German).

It is said that this year alone 4000 Germans have converted to Islam.

Update: German authorities claim that these terrorist are part of an IJU (Islamic Jihad Union, from Uzbekistan) terrorist cell and were planning the biggest terrorist strike in Germany ever. Although the IJU is not known for their international operations, it is said that the group has connections with Al-Qaeda.

Update: Watch Video of the arrests from the BBC

Update(2): Several US media have, unlike the Euro press, now published the surnames of the enemy terrorists

The Counter Terrorism Blog has an excellent plot investigation.

Update(3): Media first reported 7 other fugetives in this case. Now AP writes the plot involved 50 people! Also the surname of the third arrested terrorist is published: Adem Yilmaz (Turkish).

Update(4): Bomb suspect worked at Frankfurt airport

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DP111 zei

It is said that this year alone 4000 Germans have converted to Islam.

This is disconcerting news indeed. Combine Islam with German precision and organisation, and we have a very potent force, and a far more deadly threat to the world then anything before.

The only hope is that Islam destroys the German part of the brain that deals with organisational skills.


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