New Osama Bin Laden tape

ABC published a transcript of the new Usama Bin Laden video message. In his half hour speech he talks about Iraq, neo-conservatives and Sarkozy. As a real lefty he praises the works of the writers Noam Chomsky and Michael Scheuer. He even talks about global warming, Kyoto and the sub-prime mortgage crisis. The US Democratic party has failed, but he has the solution: Islam. He even promises taxes as low as: 2.5%....

Source: Full transcript (photocopy) / Full transcript (plain text)

Update: Video link - Part of Usama tape at Aljazeera..

Update (2): Video link - Full video with English subs

Update (3): Rumor says Bin Laden is to release an other video

Update (4): ABC reports that the 2nd tape is to be released to the public soon. As with the last tape the intelligence community seems again to have early access.

Update (5): A copy of the second Usama Ben Laden video can be downloaded at Laura Mansfield (only voice and still picture of Usama).

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