No referendum for you

This week it emerged that a Dutch referendum on the Turnip, which a majority of the Dutch want, is definitively off the table. An initiative too hold a referendum, organized by SP, was denied a majority in Second Chamber when the PvdA (Labour) decided to not support it. There's more to it then meets the eye. Dutch Concerns has the details.

There is a faintest glimmer of hope that the British Isles will once again come to the rescue, what with The Sun leading the charge for a UK referendum on the Turnip: Europe. Never have so few decided so much for so many.

However, if the UK should decide against the Turnip, it will probably be kicked off the EU by the "colleagues", with the rest going on as of nothing has happened. Or that will in all likelihood be the general attitude of the dedicated EUrocrat.

It is therefor quite likely that a referendum in the UK, in which the Turnip is voted down, will not mean anything for the countries that have already been sold out to the EUrocrats by their respect 'governments', including the Netherlands. Which means that as of this week democracy in the Netherlands is dead. Welcome to 'post-democracy' Holland.

Ratification of the Reform Treaty will still need to be ratified by parliament, but given the current make up of Second Chamber this will not prove to be a problem for the current government.

So there's a limited amount of time left to enjoy the Netherlands as an independent (if not quite sovereign) nation. After ratification there will still be a region of north-western Europe carrying the name. But the country as such will have been abolished. Stolen from its citizens, and handed over to the EUrocrats for the measly promise of a fat job in the halls of Brussels.

[UPDATE001] And just to emphasise the lies with which our 'leaders' have foisted this thing on us, here's Jens Peter Bonde in a comment on EU Observer (mirror). Bonde is an MEP, so he know's what he's talking about, right? Here is his take on the Turnip:A badly written version of the EU constitution.
The original constitution plainly stated that EU-rules have primacy over national law. This article has not been deleted. It has been moved to a footnote and made more difficult to find and read.

But if there is a conflict between Dutch law - or the Dutch constitution - and EU law then the law from the EU will prevail.
It really is the con of the century.

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