Ramadan (2)

Earlier I wrote about how the police of the city of Utrecht prepared for Ramadan by building fences near the homes of the elderly to protect them from ‘youths’. But now with the holy month of the religion of peace underway, the security situation in the Kanaleneiland area is rapidly spinning out of control. That is, at least what the spokes person of the city of Utrecht is saying. They say they are now planning a local ban on concentrations of people during the Ramadan period.

But the police says they can’t do much to control the area. The problems are to big. The police can’t do much, because when they do want to arrest suspects, they are threatened by other ‘young people’. Of course in the Netherlands a police chief is not fired for such show of incompetence. Instead of acting now, the police chief and burgomaster thinks the only solution is to send these “youths” from an age of 12 and up to reeducation camps. Of course this again is only words, not concrete steps to let the rule of law return in the neighborhood.

Violent the area is. The last few weeks a Dutch TV news crew is investigating the problems in the neighborhood. Each time the TV crew entered the neighborhood they were under attack within 5 minutes. They were robbed, pelted by stones or assaulted by the ‘youths’. But also they did not get any police protection, only the advice not the go in the area.

Only after they entered the neighborhood undercover, the TV crew was able to interview people who told them that they did not call the police any more. Much to dangerous, because if you do, you become a target of the ‘youths’.

Oh, my, what’s wrong with our nice little country?

Update: This article could give the false impression that Dutch police never uses their powers. But that would be a wrong conclusions. This spring the police of the city of Utrecht did shot Rinie Mulder dead after he was attacked by these same 'youths'.

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