It's nearly time for the members of the religion of peace to celebrate their most holies feast, Ramadan. But oddly enough that's reason for the police in the city of Utrecht to put up protective fences around an elderly home. Because as the police chief says: "Our police record shows that During Ramadan the crime rate doubles"...

Update (Hat tip: Wishbone):
Today a Dutch Television crew, who wanted to make an item on the fences, was attacked by 'youths' who also vandalized their car and robbed them.

Update (2): It's now reported that the police instead of protecting the TV news crew has advised them not to proceed with their report. In the Netherlands it's normal that the police advices victims and potential victims to adjust their behavior instead that they protect and hunt down criminals. It's that normal that news items like this, don't provoke any public outrage at all.

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