The Swiss example

The Swiss are getting tough on immigrant crime! Swiss statistics show that immigrants, making up 20% of the Swiss population are four times mor likely to be convicted of a crime. Some Swiss in general, and the Schweizerische Volkspartei (SVP, Swiss Peoples Party) in particular have had it.

The SVP now have started an initiative 'Expel Criminal Foreigners', that should lead to a referendum to change Swiss law accordingly. The proposed amendment to existing law (read it here, if you read German) would stipulate that any foreigner, irrespective if his status, will be expelled from Switzerland if convicted of a serious crime(pdf, German):
I-3a: Crimes of murder and manslaughter, rape or other serious sexual crimes, other violent crimes such as robbery, human trafficking, narcotics trade and burglary.

I-3b: Abusive reception of social security and social benefits.
Up to now the measure to expel criminal foreigners was optional and rarely applied. This amendment would make it mandatory and automatic: One conviction (for the crimes mentioned above) and you're out. But where this amendment really gets interesting: If one of these crimes is perpetrated by a minor, his or her parents will also lose their Swiss priviledges. Based on the principle that a minor perpetrating a violent crime equals a criminal dereliction of duty on the parents parts, the entire family is expelled. Uli Maurer, president of the SVP:
As soon as the first 10 families and their children have been expelled from the country, then things will get better at a stroke.
The initiative has caused somewhat of a controversy in Switzerland, as can be read in the rather overtly slanted piece here. The obligatory references to Nazi Germany are made, the poster, depicting a black sheep being kicked out by law-abiding white sheep, obviously has 'racial overtones'. But that all seems to be a bit of a storm in a leftist teacup. Uli Maurer, president of the SVP: "We haven't had any complaints". Besides, how racist a measure is it really when, as Pink Flamingo observes: 'the hope is for this to cure the problem of crime which will allow the rest of the immigrants to stay'.

One would hope a similar initiative could be held in the Netherlands, or the EU at large. But one fears that the EU 'law' (such as it is) is capable of defeating any and all common sense measure. Just read about the case of Learco Chindamo, Italian minor living in the UK and killing his headmaster when the latter tried to intervene in a schoolyard fight. We in the Union, this grand post-democracy, couldn't get rid of them even if we wanted to.


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