Unemployed foreigners should leave

It’s so telling what in the Netherlands can become a news paper headline. Take today’s headline in Dutch newspaper de Telegraaf: “Unemployed foreigners should leave”. In the article it’s explained that the conservative Party for Freedom (PVV) of political maverick Geert Wilders proposes that people who do not have a Dutch passport should leave the country when they are not employed. How radical! Radical he is: he even wants to cut taxes, ban double loyalties by stopping immigration from countries who don’t allow their citizens to abandon their old nationality (Like Turkey and Morocco), but he also wants to stop Muslim immigration and islamization of the Netherlands in general. This of course makes him a political paria with Dutch multicultural politicians and media. Just like in the days that Pim Fortuyn was rounding up their voters, they now start to demonizing him by saying he is a danger for the nation. We all know what happened with Pim Fortuyn. But this time it is different, this time even the queen joins in the anti-democratic feast. The hereditary Queen Beatrix, has now even criticized elected parliamentary member Geert Wilders by saying that the parliamentary members all have a special responsibility when they talk about the multicultural society. Clearly she thinks there is no free speech, not even in parliament. But hey, that certainly never will become a headline in the Netherlands. For Queen and fatherland!

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