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It is done. The betrayal of 27 European nation states is complete. Last night, after quickly giving in to the remaining questions, while all the time pretending that the completion of the Turnip might still hang in the balance, the 'colleagues' have sealed the mandate handed down to them by the EU 'institutions' back in June with the final version of the EU Constitution II, establishing a Supreme Government of Europe. One that isn't elected and one that is not accountable to the people it seeks to govern.

Jan Peter Balkenende and Frans Timmermans came out of the night session still maintaining the big lie (NL) that what is on the table is something substantially different then the Constitution that was rejected in its first iteration. Jan Peter Balkenende:
The worries that are present in the Netherlands have been done Justice. That is quite a change of culture in the EU, but Europe is stronger for it.
Which of course means that the Turnip is the Constitution and the culture of the EU, which is to avoid confrontation with real people and real issues, still unchanged, is the more stronger for it. But none of this matters, Balkenendes thirty-silver-pieces job in the halls of Brussels will be waiting for him when he retires as the last PM (NL) of the last Dutch government.

The reactions around the Dutch blogosphere is as tepid as was the 'fight' for a referendum. Among the more notable reactions are Het Vrije Volk, who declare 'Nederland, resterat in pacem' (NL) and De Zwijger, who correctly observes that we are living the the last days of sovereignty(NL). Generally, the mood is one of dejected resignation.

In the Elsevier today, Syp Wynia is trying to keep hope alive (NL), referring to the Irish, who *will* have a referendum on the Turnip. But his argument has somewhat of a desperate feel to it, given that the Irish owe their current luxurious life styles in large parts to the sums of money in regional aid handed to them by the same EU that is now trying to assert itself as the supreme government of Europe.

EU Referendum, in a post that is aptly titled 'The last British Government' is taking shot at chronicling the future history of this day, and note:
And so it was that the European Union came formally into being as the central government of the 27 member states, relegating each of those states to the status of local, subordinate provinces, with the ingenious and largely novel device, whereby the supreme ruling European Council comprised the provincial governors, thus fostering the illusion that the former states had retained their independent governments.

In an inspired additional deception, the former national parliaments and assemblies were left in place, to allow locally elected "representatives" to debate laws they were not allowed to change, a practice which strengthened that illusion.

Even many decades after the event, it is too early to say what the final outcome of this daring power-grab will be. It is interesting to note, however, that the European Council has again this year increased the budget of EUROGENDFOR and authorised an expansion in its establishment to 1.5 million men.

Local authorities throughout the Union, who are struggling with the rising tide of unrest and armed uprisings, will be glad to have the additional assistance.
Speaking of EUROGENDFOR, the slightly-less-then poetic acronym for the European Gendarmerie Force: England Expects has devoted some attention to this new fangled concept, in which apparently even our own Royal Marechaussee (NL) have been usurped by the 'institutions'.

Noting some slightly unsettling language in the 'job description' of the EGF, he goes on to note one particular excercise, attended by the French minister of Defence:
Then have a look at this page. The photos here were taken when the then French Defence Minister visited EUROGENDFOR. They put on a show for her and employed some of their staff to be the enemy. Were they pretending to be Jihadists a la Darfur? No. Were they Indonesians in East Timor? Nope. They were pretending to be Breton nationalists.


So the Minister watched a special show where Dutch and Spanish paramilitary police beat up French protesters. How she clapped.
Thus it seems that the EGF is training in combating and containing the very civil unrest that EU Referendum is predicting/chronicling in their future history of the EUnion. It is a rare occasion indeed when mr. North and the EU think alike. It also offers a disturbing glimpse of the tolerance of the EUnion for dissent. If we even needed more proof, after Brussels 9-11 this year.

On a more personal level: The event of today I saw coming ever since the June 22 'mandate' was agreed. But that did not prevent the onset of a sense of mourning, now that we're confronted with the reality of the thing we've been dreading for months.

My country has been given over to a foreign power, an alien government. Not by war or conquest, but by willing co-operation of those that once swore an oath telling them they were beholden to do everything in their power to prevent exactly that in which they so willingly participated: the betrayal of a country to a foreign government.

Sure, the region I hail from is still there in a physical form. The landscape is still there to be enjoyed. Steel grey skies still cover the same green fields, crossed by miles of ditches and dotted with Dutch black and white Holstein cattle and Texel sheep. But underneath something has shifted, something is broken.

Walking the dog out back in that famous Twents landscape (the most beautiful in the Netherlands, in my opinion) I recognize my (former) home, but the sense of belonging is gone. Where I used to look upon the landscape and feel the safe embrace of home, there is now only the faded memory of that warm feeling, too small and feeble to fill the gaping hole where 'belonging' used to be. What used to be my country isn't anymore. It is at the same time so deeply familiar and completely alien. That disconnect is truly gut-wrenching and is maybe the main reason that I resent the EU-rocrats and the feckless political classes of the Netherlands. They have taken away my sense of belonging. They have taken away my sense of home.

I know, I know. That is all between the ears. And given a couple of days or weeks to recover, maybe I'll discover that apart from a regime change my home is still my home. But I tell you one thing: Whereas the EUnion up to now had been a wondrous nuisance, filled with curious burocratic wranglings and enjoyably inept attempts at playing with the geopolitical big boys, it now is the enemy. As of today the EUnion and all that have helped her to become what she is are the enemy. Anyone that shows that much contempt for the people as the 'colleagues' have in this six year process to foist this non-democratic super-government upon us is an enemy of the very people they invoke to excuse their actions. A regime that needs this much deceit, this many lies to gain power of government cannot be anything other then an enemy. They must be resisted tooth and nail. And I will, any which way I can.

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