... but with a whimper

On Het Vrije Volk today (NL) a short piece wondering 'Where is the outrage' in the Netherlands to the cabinets decision to not hold a referendum. With the PvdA's approval, directly contradicting one of its key election promises, that decision has a simple majority in parliament. Normally that would not be enough, but since the Council of State ruled that the Turnip is not a constituional treaty, but rather an 'ordinary' EU treaty, a simple majority is all it takes.

This weekend will see another EU summit, in which the IGC's final version of the Turnip will be decided on and signed by the leaders of the leaders of EU member states. Unless some left of field candidate comes in to throw a spanner in the works, the signing of the Turnip... ah, to hell with it... the signing of the EU constitution is a done deal. And if we read the signs correctly, so is ratification next spring.

The 'colleagues' are glowing with confidence. Elsevier reported today (NL) on the EUnions plans to 'reform' the EU budget. Apart from the usual waffling about spending less on agriculture (Reform of the CAP? Yeah, right!) and more on energy and, of all things, immigration (still not enough Arabs... I mean: mediterranean neighbors... in Europe, apparently) we find this little tidbit:
[European Budget Commisioner Dalia] Grybauskaite also wants to take a closer look at EU revenues. She does not exclude the possibility of a new European tax.
Remember this? Apparently the 'colleagues' cannot wait to put into practice all the new possibillities that the Turnip offers them to make our lives even more miserable.

And thus it seems that any resistance to our new 'post-democratic' government is now too little, too late. The Turnip will be ratified, national governments will cease to matter (for as much as they did, the last 15 years, or so) and virtually absolute power will be transferred to the halls of Brussels and Strassbourg.

According to Het Vrije Volk 77% of the Dutch populace wanted to have a say in the matter. But their being denied this has only been met with... a whimper. There have been no protests, no popular petitions. Nothing. We have decided: The Netherlands as an independent nation will be abolished.

Given the Turnips lack of checks and balances and the principle, laid out by Friedrich Hayek, that lack of such will inevitably lead to evil triumphing over good, since good lacks the ruthlessness of evil, I am not at all confident about the shape of the EUnion in 10-20 years. But I am not going to take it lying down. I just hope there are more like me out there.

[UPDATE001] De Vrijspreker: Today is Black Thurday (NL).
Today in Lisbon Jan Peter Balkenende will sell out Dutch sovereignty. The chance to still avoid that is minuscule or zero. And all that based on the untrue story that this treaty is something completely different than the EU Constitution that was rejected by the people. Is this deceit, or even treason?


The most striking in this proces is how docile Second Chamber follows and how slavish the people accept this; apathetic, lethargic. What will you do?

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