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In a post succinctly but provocatively entitled The Rape of Europe, Galliawatch reports on an interview with Etienne Chouard (FR), who is one of the more vocal opposers of the Turnip, in Libération.

Head on over and read it all. It's quite interesting and even a bit hope-inspiring. But let me share one of the more remarkable statements made by mr. Chouard:
[The Turnip] is not an watered down version [of the Constitution], it's the same version and I violently oppose it. They removed three unimportant details: the flag, the hymn, the reference to money, the word "Constitution", as if removing the name removed the danger. And then, they impose on us through parliamentary channels what we had just refused through referendum. For me, it's a rape, a political rape, it's cause for civil war.
It'll just may need to come to that, one fears.

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