Deliberate obfuscation?

In his opening speech at the international conference "Countering radicalisation: perspectives and strategies from around the globe" Justice minsiter Ernst Hirsch-Ballin warned against oversimplifying the arguments and explanations for radicalisation. Factors leading to radicalisation are 'complex and numerous'.
"It is of note that radicalized people in the west are often well educated and are more likely to live in relative affluence. Some youth radicalize in groups under the influence of a charismatic leader, others do it through self-study within their own circle."
(full text pdf of the ministers speech, in NL, here)

Far be it from me to leave his excellency's warning unheeded. But I do believe I see the contours of a familiar shape in the dust and smoke the minister in throwing up.

These rich and educated youth, what is their background? These 'charismatic leaders', what do they teach? These circle-jerkers, what do they (self-)study? I seem to come up with the same answer to everyone of these questions.

So maybe it is not at all so complex as dear Ernst makes it out to be? Maybe he should devote a little more time and attention at combating the ideologies that form the backgrounds of these radicalized youth, instead of ennumerating the differences between the peas in the pod? Naah, that would be all too simple, wouldn't it?

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