Hirsi Ali: Netherlands siding with islamists

As reported by Elsevier: In an interview with Jyllands Posten, Ayaan Hirsi Ali had some fierce criticism of the Dutch governments action regarding her security. She suspects that stopping her security was a signal by the current cabinet to other critics of islam:
With the way this was dealt with, the current government risks the suspicion of wanting to protect only those that agree with it.
The governments unwillingness to finance her security is according to her not a matter of money, but a matter of principles:
I believe that the government wants to send the message to others in Holland to shut their mouths. At the same time they want to put muslims at ease: Look, we're on your side. Ayaan Hirsi Ali is the bad one, we're the good guys.
And if to emphase Hirsi Alis point, this week it emerged that Interior minister Guusje ter Horst (PvdA) commissioned a curriculum aimed at reducing radicalisation of 'youth' at an organisation whos members are known radicals. Islam in Europe has the details.

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