The hunt for Ayaan Hirsi Ali

While Dutch royals talk about tolerance and respect for Islam, the Dutch elite can’t stop her self from keep harassing the worlds most well known Islamic apostate Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Who of course needs to fear for her life.

When Ayaan was still a parliamentary member they put her in jail, of course ‘for her own security’. Don’t get me wrong, it was voluntarily, they just could not ‘protect’ her other wise. That’s also how they forced her in isolated hiding in the United States. And when that was all behind her and Ayaan was experiencing some normalcy by living again in a secure house of her own, they evicted her. But that was apparently not enough. The Dutch government then tried to revoke her citizenship and forced her to leave parliament.

After these tricks Ayaan Hirsi Ali finally left for work to the US. But after the US gave her a green card, the Duch government has revoked her security. She is now forced to return to the Netherlands, the only place the Dutch government says she will keep her protection against Islamic assassins.

This affair with Ayaan brings to mind an other story I just recently read. It was a story about former Dutch parliamentary member Hans Janmaat who started in 1984 his anti immigrant political party named “Centrum Democraten”. He made anti Jewish statements and said things like “The Netherlands is full” for which he was convicted. Of course he was branded by Dutch elite as the Uber demon of racism. The lefwing sturmtroupers went after him and fire bomb a meeting of his party. Although Janmaat survived the attack, the owner Hotel died and his assistant and to be wife lost her legs. And even until this day, one can hear left-wingers defend the attack they did, while no one was ever prosecuted for it.

And what did you think the parliamentary elite do after this attack on one of it’s members? Not much, except for the fact that they gave Janmaat the worst accessible tiny room in the parliamentary building they could find. A rare location near the roof that was only accessible by a steep stair.

Each and every day, the two body guards of Janmaat had to carry his disabled assistant up and down the stairs. Imagine, the fact that the other parliamentary members in full knowledge let this happen, day after day...

These are the same people who are now responsible for Ayaan Hirsi Ali her security.

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Although the press quotes reliable anonymous sources that Ayaan Hirsi Ali is back in the Netherlands, none of her Dutch friends say they have heard from her since her return. It could very well be, that the Dutch government is again keeping her 'for her own protection' in isolation. It wouldn't be the first time. Let's just hope she not back in jail again!

Update (2): Hirsi Ali does not need protection
The Dutch government has stated that Ayaan Hirsi Ali is safe and no longer need protection. But the security firm Vance Security who protects her now, says there is a "direct death threat" against her. The firm even have claim to have prevented an assault on her in Philadelphia last April. The same thing they said about the security situation of Pim Fortuyn and Theo van Gogh, while everybody knew differently.

Today the RTL news published a letter that Dutch Justice minister Ernst Hirsch Ballin has written to Ayaan Hirsi Ali last December. In the letter he claims that she is safe and no longer needs protection. But otherwise, he writes, it's you're own responsibility.

Amazing how a democracy can degenerate so quickly that not even parliament cares about the protection of it's (former) parliamentary members.

Update (3):
Dutch media en political elite have managed to frame the whole discussion in The Netherlands around the security for parliamentary member Ayaan Hirsi Ali in terms of cost. Nobody seems to care to stand up for Western values like freedom of religion, freedom of speech or even the safety of our former elected officials. There is not even a single mention about why she had to leave The Netherlands in the first place. The undertone seems to be: glad she is gone and now we don't want have anything to with her anymore. Sad. really sad. I am ashamed of my country, again.

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Jammie Wearing Fool

Update (4):
Ayaan Hirsi Ali in Reason magazine: "We have to defeat Islam". Not radical Islam. Islam period. Only when we it is defeated, it can mutate into something peaceful. It's statements like this that will make Dutch elites go after you.

Also at Jihad Watch:
"How many days will he give Ayaan? Another week to live? A month? And then it would be time for the butchers of fundamentalist Islam to move in?"

Spiegel Online - Leon de Winter:
"We Are Making Fools of Ourselves in the Eyes of the World
Fear of fanatical Islamists prompted Ayaan Hirsi Ali to leave the Netherlands, her adopted home, and now she has been forced to return. Paying for her bodyguards in the United States is too expensive for the Dutch government -- what a disgrace."

Update (5):

LA Times: "Hirsi Ali may be the first refugee from Western Europe since the Holocaust"

This is Ayaan her movie that makes Islamic believers want to murder her

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