Labour asks Ehsan Jami to step down.

Ehsan Jami, founder of the Dutch chapter of the Committee of ex-Muslims and member of city council of Voorburg-Leidschendam for the PvdA, has been asked by the PvdA fraction leader there to give up his seat (NL).

The PvdA has yet to give reason for this quite extraordinary request, but the immediate cause seems to be an op-ed in the Volkskrant (NL) that mr. Jami authored together with Geert Wilders, in which they say:
If we do not act now against this far reaching islamisation of the Netherlands, we will relive the thirties of the last century. Except then it was Hitler, today it is Muhammed.
Apparently, the direct comparison of herr Hitler and Muhammed (nsfw) proved too rich for the PvdA's palet. And thus another anti-dhimmi is slowly but inevitably worked out of Dutch civil society.

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