More muslim riots: Belgium

While the car-b-ques in Amsterdam continue at a (slow) pace, without ANY arrests made whatsoever (see the updates in this post), Brussels sees itself confronted with a similar ordeal. If for completely different reasons:
Tonight (Wednesday evening) heavy rioting erupted in Turkish quarters of Brussels, the capital of Belgium. Buses and trams were attacked. Several cars were torched and shops destroyed. Police forces were unable to restore law and order in the boroughs of Sint-Joost-ten-Node and Schaarbeek where since last Sunday the animosity among Turks is running high. Turkish flags are omnipresent. In some streets the Turkish crescent and star adorns almost every house.

The Turks’ anger was provoked by rising tension with Kurds along the Iraqi-Turkish border and by the debate in the American Congress about the Turkish genocide of the Armenians in 1915. On Sunday night Turkish youths in Sint-Joost destroyed the pub of Peter Petrossian, an ethnic Armenian who had to flee for his life. Apparently, some Turks think that by attacking the Armenians in Brussels they can convince the world that the Turks never committed a genocide of the Armenians.

Tonight the youths attacked Kurdish shops. They also set fire to several cars.
Brussels Journal has the goods.

[UPDATE001, Friday 26-10] Tomorrow will see a large Turk nationalistic demonstration in St Joost and Schaarbeek. A counter-demo of Kurds is also planned. Brussels Journal is giving off a negative travel advisory. See also the pivtures at the link. This one could become fun(!).

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