The Peace in our time

The peace in our times comes from fighting global warming. That’s right, not the upsurge of Islamic fascist is a danger to world peace, it's global warming that's the real threat. Well at least according to the Nobel peace price committee. That’s why Al Gore win this years Nobel Peace price. He receives it, not for actually have done something or discovering something, but solely for his tireless propaganda effort for what they call the danger of the “man made climate change”.

But it stays unclear why in a time of war a hypothetical catastrophe is deemed so much more important that the immediate and practical dangers of the here and now. Especially in a time that people in the West slowly start realizing that the peace in their own countries is not something they can take for granted any more. After the lull of the ‘cold’ war, the whole world is again under treat of a new and fast growing anti Western ideology. And never since world war II was the drumbeat for a new Jewish genocide louder than now. Does preventing climate change really going to help us against these immediate dangers to peace?

Thus what kind of peace is this Nobel peace price committee actually promoting? To answer that question it might help to look who's has won the price since 9/11. Well, in 2001 they gave the price to Kofi Annan, the corrupt top UN official who said he was not responsible for his son who he helped collect millions of dollars out of illegal oil sales by mass murderer Saddam Hussein (a.k.a. UN’s oil for food scandal). The next year, in 2002, they gave the price to Jimmy Carter. A man who praised the terrorist organization Hamas for not being corrupt. A year later they gave it the Iranian Shirin Ebadi who on her acceptance speech before the Nobel committee started accusing the West for using 9/11 as a pretext for a war against Islam.

In 2004 Wangari Muta Maathai an African activist received the Nobel peace price. She claims that white people invented aids to kill the black people. Then in 2005, Mohammed ElBaradei got the honours of become a Nobel laureate. The result of his leadership we will see in Iran. And then in 2006 again a Muslim receives the peace price for micro credit banking. Not sure, what that has contributed to world peace either.

Thus the peace that the Nobel price committee seems to promote does not sound very liberal or Western. But what's in a name, Islam also means peace!

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