The problem is the West, not Islam

Quote from the interview with Ayaan Hirsi Ali published in the November issue of Reason Magazine:

But I don’t even think that the trouble is Islam. The trouble is the West, because in the West there’s this notion that we are invincible and that everyone will modernize anyway, and that what we are seeing now in Muslim countries is a craving for respect. Or it’s poverty, or it’s caused by colonization.

The Western mind-set—that if we respect them, they’re going to respect us, that if we indulge and appease and condone and so on, the problem will go away—is delusional. The problem is not going to go away. Confront it, or it’s only going to get bigger

Right she is. Islam has not changed, we have. We have become arrogant, decadent fools who think that reason is something natural. But it isn't. It's something very unnatural. Something very very civilized... Well, if you keep practicing it, that is.

Other juicy detail: in the interview Ayaan acknowledges that it was due to the personal intervention of the US ambassador that Ayaan could flee to the United States. Thus I guess it was also no coincidence that when the Dutch government tried to revoke Ayaan her nationality that suddenly a US under minister visited the Netherlands to talk to the Dutch government.

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