PvdA showing the stuff it is made from

Today the PvdA (Labour) showed what it is they stand for. Ehsan Jami is slowly worked out of the party, because his uncompromising views on the Religion of Perpetual Outrage.

But a muslim member of council ridiculing the idea of falling in love with a Jew is excercizing her right to free speech.

The particulars: Rotterdam council member for the PvdA, Hayat Benameur, of Moroccan descent, was asked on a Dutch TV show whether she would consider marrying a Jew. To which she answered that a Jewish man could never be the man of her dreams (NL). To the suggestion that being in love makes you do unexpected things dear Hayat answered:
But you don't completely lose your mind, do you?
(Video, in NL, can be viewed here)

The idea that these remarks might be considered a tad anti-semetic is completely lost on Benameur:
Because of my religious views it can't be a Jew, but that doesn't mean I discriminate. Those are just the rules. Period.
And the PvdA heartily agrees. Says party leader Peter van Heemst:
I am a party leader, not a headmaster. I am not getting involved in this. Long live the freedom of opinion.
Yes, this from the same party that is trying it's best to get rid of Ehsan Jami, because he is excercizing his freedom of speech.

Or, in other words: According to the standards by which the PvdA lives blatant anti-semitism is covered by the freedom of speech. But criticism of the followers of Religion of the Big Black Stone Idol is beyond the pale. Anti-jew good, anti-oppression bad. Labour *is* the NSB of our times.

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